Flight Management System (FMS)


PVN Flight Management System


As part of helicopter’s avionics, PVN Flight Management System is used for navigation and helicopter flight control in horizontal and vertical planes, to ensure RNAV (RNP1) and to meet all P-RNAV requirements, including:

- automatic calculation and displaying of current coordinates, true heading, ground speed and other navigational parameters of the flight;

- correction of calculated coordinates according to data from GNSS, VOR/DME stations, visual marks and ramarks;

- flight path generation and its prompt changing during the flight;

- storing a standard navigational database and development, correction and storing of user database;

- generation of control signals for the AFCS and displaying navigational information necessary for helicopter’s flight;

- centralized control over different systems of helicopter avionics (AFCS, VOR/DME, ILS, and others) in automatic, automated and manual modes;

- automated control over interacting systems composing the helicopter’s avionics;

- automatic or manual choice of the following basic modes of operation: CHC, CHC SBAS, CHC GBAS, KB/CBC, VOR/DME. Switching between the modes depends on availability and quality of the signals from navigation satellites and from the onboard equipment;

- ICAO category I approach and APV2/APV1 approach upon getting the information from the different data receivers;

- SID, STAR and APPROACH procedures using the information from navigational database.